Thermologist Courses

We are always wanting to expand our educational offerings. If we do not currently offer a specific course you believe would be of value, please reach out to us to discuss more in-depth.

WKU Courses

Elevated Body Temp Thermologist

Coming Spring 2021

Vet Tech Thermology – Small & Exotic

(Coming Summer 2021)

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Vet Tech Thermology – Equine

(Coming Spring 2021)

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KTI Courses

Water Intrusion Thermology

Energy Loss Thermology

Residential Thermology

Building Science Thermology


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Industrial Thermologist

Starting at $995
*Education available at your location

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Coming Soon

Tactical Thermologist

Coming Summer 2021

Fire Thermology

(Coming Summer/Fall 2021)

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Kentucky Thermal Institute Thermologist Courses We Bring Hands On Applications Training to Your Location

Our instructors have experience in the field and sometimes it just simpler to bring the educator to your location. We do have minimal requirements for on-site education, so please contact us to discuss this further.